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The Flyers have a fundamentally rooted and communicative coach who, running his first NHL team, calmly stayed the course when there appeared to be no shock value in the coaching change.

Recognizing that the Flyers didn’t have the speed to be the run and gun team they were at times under Peter Laviolette, Craig Berube drilled a more responsible defensive system that drew no apparent resistance from players, who respected that his first-year coach knew what he was doing.  

His practices were busy and well run. Berube’s words had weight without indication he resorted to bullying and the Flyers often were at their best immediately following their worst, a sign that they were properly motivated. 

Berube was straightforward with his players and as honest as he felt he could be with the media and public.  There is nothing devious or manipulative about this man, which will help him wear well over time.