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Acton, Keith (C) Apr 15, 1958 Stouffville, ON, CAN
Armstrong, William (L) Jun 25, 1966 London, ON, CAN
Baron, Murray (D) Jun 1, 1967 Prince George, BC, CAN
Berube, Craig (L) Dec 17, 1965 Calahoo, AB, CAN
Carkner, Terry (D) Mar 7, 1966 Smiths Falls, ON, CAN
Chychrun, Jeff (D) May 3, 1966 LaSalle, QC, CAN
Craven, Murray (L) Jul 20, 1964 Medicine Hat, AB, CAN
Daniels, Kimbi (C) Jan 19, 1972 Brandon, MB, CAN
Eklund, Per-Erik (C) Mar 22, 1963 Stockholm, SWE
Fenyves, David (D) Apr 29, 1960 Dunnville, ON, CAN
Fisher, Craig (C) Jun 30, 1970 Oshawa, ON, CAN
Hextall, Ronald (G) May 3, 1964 Brandon, MB, CAN
Hoffort, Bruce (G) Jul 30, 1966 No. Battleford, SK, CAN
Horacek, Tony (L) Feb 3, 1967 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Hostak, Martin (C) Nov 11, 1967 Praha, CZE
Howe, Mark (D) May 28, 1955 Detroit, MI, USA
Huffman, Kerry (D) Jan 3, 1968 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Jensen, Chris (R) Oct 28, 1963 Fort St. John, BC, CAN
Kerr, Tim (R) Jan 5, 1960 Windsor, ON, CAN
Kushner, Dale (L) Jun 13, 1966 Terrace, BC, CAN
Lacombe, Normand (R) Oct 18, 1964 Pierrefonds, QC, CAN
Latal, Jiri (D) Feb 2, 1967 Olomouc, CZE
Mellanby, Scott (R) Jun 11, 1966 Montreal, QC, CAN
Murphy, Gordon (D) Feb 23, 1967 Willowdale, ON, CAN
Murray, Patrick (L) Aug 20, 1969 Stratford, ON, CAN
Pederson, Mark (L) Jan 14, 1968 Prelate, SK, CAN
Peeters, Peter (G) Aug 17, 1957 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Ricci, Mike (C) Oct 27, 1971 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Rumble, Darren (D) Jan 23, 1969 Barrie, ON, CAN
Samuelsson, Kjell (D) Oct 18, 1958 Tyngsryd, SWE
Sandelin, Scott (D) Aug 8, 1964 Hibbing, MN, USA
Smith, Derrick (L) Jan 22, 1965 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Sutter, Ronald (C) Dec 2, 1963 Viking, AB, CAN
Tocchet, Rick (R) Apr 9, 1964 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Wregget, Ken (G) Mar 25, 1964 Brandon, MB, CAN
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