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Ashbee, Barry (D) Jul 28, 1939 Weston, ON, CAN
Bernier, Serge (C) Apr 29, 1947 Padoue, QC, CAN
Brossart, Willie (D) May 29, 1949 Allan, SK, CAN
Brown, Larry (D) Apr 14, 1947 Brandon, MB, CAN
Clarke, Robert (C) Aug 13, 1949 Flin Flon, MB, CAN
Clement, William (C) Dec 20, 1950 Buckingham, QC, CAN
Dornhoefer, Gary (R) Feb 2, 1943 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Drolet, Rene (R) Nov 13, 1944 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Favell, Douglas (G) Apr 5, 1945 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
Flett, William (R) Jul 21, 1943 Vermilion, AB, CAN
Foley, Rick (D) Sep 22, 1945 Niagara Falls, ON, CAN
Gamble, Bruce (G) May 24, 1938 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Gendron, Jean-guy (L) Aug 30, 1934 Montreal, QC, CAN
Hale, Larry (D) Oct 9, 1941 Summerland, BC, CAN
Hillman, Wayne (D) Nov 13, 1938 Kirkland Lake, ON, CAN
Hughes, Brent (D) Jun 17, 1943 Bowmanville, ON, CAN
Johnson, Jim (C) Nov 7, 1942 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Joyal, Eddie (C) May 8, 1940 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Keenan, Larry (L) Oct 1, 1940 North Bay, ON, CAN
Kelly, Robert (L) Nov 25, 1950 Oakville, ON, CAN
Lesuk, William (R) Nov 1, 1946 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Lonsberry, David (L) Feb 7, 1947 Humboldt, SK, CAN
MacSweyn, Ralph (D) Sep 8, 1942 Hawkesbury, ON, CAN
MacLeish, Richard (C) Jan 3, 1950 Lindsay, ON, CAN
Mair, Jim (D) May 15, 1946 Schumacher, ON, CAN
McLeod, Don (G) Aug 24, 1946 Trail, BC, CAN
Mickey, Larry (R) Oct 21, 1943 Lacombe, AB, CAN
Morrison, Lew (R) Feb 11, 1948 Gainsborough, SK, CAN
Nolet, Simon (R) Nov 23, 1941 St-Odilon, QC, CAN
Parizeau, Michel (C) Apr 9, 1948 Montreal, QC, CAN
Plante, Pierre (R) May 14, 1951 Valleyfield, QC, CAN
Potvin, Jean (D) Mar 25, 1949 Hull, QC, CAN
Saleski, Donald (R) Nov 10, 1949 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Sarrazin, Dick (R) Jan 22, 1946 St-Gabriel-de-Brando, QC, CAN
Schultz, David (R) Oct 14, 1949 Waldheim, SK, CAN
Taylor, Bobby (G) Jan 24, 1945 Calgary, AB, CAN
Van Impe, Ed (D) May 27, 1940 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Watson, Joe (D) Jul 6, 1943 Smithers, BC, CAN
Wright, Larry (C) Oct 8, 1951 Regina, SK, CAN
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